What to do with baby?

Babies 0-6 months, eat, sleep, poop, repeat. Right? Wrong! It’s easy to forget how important the first months of a child’s life are developmentally. They seem like such tiny, helpless, adorable little things that can’t do much, but you would be surprised! Here are a few activities that you can do with your 0-6 month old to get their tiny brains active and help them reach some of those important milestones. 

Tummy Time:

I think EVERYONE has heard of tummy time! This easy but important activity can begin the day baby comes home. It helps build neck and upper body muscles. As baby gets a little older try placing toys in front of them during tummy time and encourage them to reach out for them. 


Help with babies visual development with tracking. Use soft and colorful toys, first get babies attention by gently shaking the toy or even touching baby with the toy while they are laying in their back. Once you have their attention move the toy from side to side encouraging them to follow along with their eyes. 


Show baby his or her reflection in a mirror and ask “Who is that?” You can also repeat this same thing with yourself, siblings, friends or even stuffed animals. Show baby the reflections and ask who it is. This simple activity can help to develop a baby’s vision as well as their social and emotional development. 


As they reach closer to that 6 month mark, see how many actions your baby can mime. Start out doing something that you have already seen your baby do, like waving a toy or hitting their fist on a table. First you do the action and then encourage them to do it too. Begin to add in new movements like clapping or waving. This is a great way to work on memory and begins to introduce a sort of back and forth communication. 

Sensory Activities:

These are things that you can continually develop and work on throughout your babies life. It can be as easy as hanging a colorful mobile above your babies crib or using textured fabrics like velvet or corduroy and encouraging baby to touch them. Soft and age appropriate noise makers are also great for sensory activities.

There are so many great ways to help your babies development. It’s an important thing to remember to start early in their life. 

Do you have any fun and creative ways of helping your babies development? We would love to hear them! 

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