Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, the day to show the people in your life how much you love and care for them. And what better way to show them then with a homemade craft?! These are a few Valentine themed crafts that you can do with your kids!

Valentine Shaving Cream Heart Art

What you will need for this project:
Shallow container
Foam shaving cream
Washable paint (color of your choosing)
Watercolor paper
Step 1. Line your workspace with butcher paper or newspaper
Step 2. Add shaving cream to your shallow container
Step 3. Add your paint and use the skewer to swirl the paint around
Step 4. Place your paper in the shaving cream paint mixture, remove and use another piece of paper to wipe off excess shaving cream. Repeat with more paper and add more paint as needed.
Step 5. Let your shaving cream art dry completely. Place books on top of the paper if it begins to curl.
Step 6. Use whatever heart shape template you would like to trace on your shaving cream art and cut into hearts.

You can punch holes in the tops of the hearts to make garland or cover the back with clean white paper to write a note from the kids. Making different shapes and size hearts can be fun too!

Check out for pictures of the Shaving Cream Heart Art project

Handprint Flower Bouquet

What you will need for this project:
Step 1. Paint your child’s hand and then press down on to a sheet of paper. Repeat this several times, applying paint when needed. The more handprints you get the bigger your bouquet.
Step 2. Cut out the handprints individually.
Step 3. On a new sheet up paper draw several stems for your bouquet and then arrange the cut out handprints around the stems and glue down.
Step 4. Add any additional decorations you would like to the bouquet like a ribbon or glitter and even a message from your child.

Check out for pictures of the Handprint Flower Bouquet.

Valentine Butterfly Treats

What you will need for this project:
Pipe cleaners (pink, red, white, purple)
Valentine M&Ms or other small Valentine candy
Small sandwich size ziploc baggies
Googly eyes
Step 1. Paint your clothespin or decorate it however you would like and then let dry
Step 2. Fill your ziploc bag halfway with the candy of your choice folding the zipper part under to hide.
Step 3. Pinch your ziploc bag in the middle and close with your decorated clothespin.
Step 4. Glue on the googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennas and shape however you would like.

Check out for pictures and a video of the Butterfly Treats.

These are just a few fun and easy Valentine crafts that you can do with your kids. Perfect gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers, or classmates. We hope you have as much fun doing these crafts as we did!


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