Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween: Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is always a super fun time of year for Families and Children. It is also a season where families have to take extra safety precautions to ensure everyone has a safe a fun Halloween. Below, you will find some suggested safety tips for your family and nanny kids. We have also provided a link below of where you can find Trick or Treating events near you. Do not forget we are hosting a Halloween Costume Contest as well, for more information read below. We hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Halloween!

  • Always Trick or Treat with an adult
  • Ensure that you are going to homes of neighbors you know
  • Wear a bright colored costume and bring a flashlight or light up toy/bucket if it is dark
  • Do not have you or your child wear costumes where you or they can not see well, or costumes that you may trip in. 
  • Always have an adult inspect all candy or food before giving it to your child. If your child has Food Allergies, always read the label before giving the candy to your child. 
  • Always follow all pedestrian safety laws.
  • You can do a “Switch Witch” with your child. Where you exchange their candy for a fun toy, book, or other child safe items. 
  • Trick or Treat and a safe community Trunk or Treat event or other Trick or Treat event. 
  • Remember when passing out candy it is always a great idea to think about having something to give children with food allergies. 8% of children have food allergies in this country, and there are lots of options of small toy assortments available on Amazon, at a local Pharmacy (CVS and Walgreens), or a retail store. 

Trick or Treat Safety for Children with Food Allergies

Check out the link below for a story that Emily Miller, Owner of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency did about Trick-or-Treat safety for children with Food Allergies.


Trick or Treat or Trunk or Treats Events this Weekend in the Community 

Visit Charlotte on the Cheap for a comprehensive list of community events this weekend in NC and SC at this link: https://www.charlotteonthecheap.com/trick-or-treat/

Halloween Costume Contest

Remember Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is hosting our annual Halloween Costume Contest this year.
We are asking that families and nannies to send in pictures of their Halloween Costumes, or their kids, or nanny kids costumes (with parent permission of course) (Be aware that all photos may be used in our Halloween Costume Contest Blog) to info@charlottesbestnanny.com to enter to win.

Whoever wins will get a Gift Card to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. The winner will be announced on November 1st.
Let’s have some fun, be creative and enjoy these fun times! We can not wait to see everyone’s costumes.

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