Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017

Solar Eclipse

     Tomorrow there will be a great show in the sky, some will see a 98% solar eclipse in Charlotte and if you travel slightly south you can witness a total solar eclipse. We hope everyone is able to go outside and view the eclipse safely tomorrow. Below you will find a F.A.Q. on the solar eclipse, an informational video for children and a link to Pinterest for ideas of crafts and activities to do with the children to teach them about the solar eclipse.


  1. Can you ever view a solar eclipse without NASA approved solar eclipse glasses?                                                                                                            No, It is not safe to stare directly into the sun for any period of time without NASA ISO certified glasses. Even with approved glasses, you should never look at the sun more than 3 minutes. Please check your glasses and manufacturer to make sure your glasses are ISO, NASA approved.
  2. What is the best way for children to view the solar eclipse?                                           We feel like the safest way for children to look at the eclipse is through a pin hole viewer that projects the eclipse on to the ground, where they can see the half moon shapes on the ground, and not look into the sun. All children should be told it is never ok to look directly in the sun without NASA approved glasses. We feel the best way to avoid them looking into the sun is them looking at the ground through their pin hole viewers. Please check out our Pinterest page for a tutorial on making a pin hole viewer.
  3. What is important to go over with my children before the eclipse play date?                                                                                                                 It is important that the children have a clear understanding of what a solar eclipse is, you can explain this to them at their appropriate age level. Explain to them that is nothing to be afraid of and that the sky will only look different for a short period of time. And the most important thing to tell them is DO NOT LOOK INTO THE SUN without proper glasses made especially for the eclipse and NASA approved.
  4. How long will the solar eclipse last and will we see totality? The 98% total eclipse will begin at 1:12 pm, and be at its peak on Monday at 2:41 pm. lt will conclude by 4:40 pm. We will have a 98% total eclipse at the peak, which is close to totality, but not 100% totality.
  5. Why is this eclipse so special? This eclipse will be able to be viewed in totality throughout the middle of the United States at certain times of the day. This is a rarity for eclipse and will be a historic event for the U.S. Please take time to plan your trip if you are traveling to see the eclipse. There will be extra traffic in the region so please plan ahead and travel safely.

Informational Video for Children

Solar Eclipse Pinterest Board

Visit our Pinterest page for activities and crafts you can do with the children to teach them about the eclipse:

Solar Eclipse Play Date

If you are looking for a place to view the solar eclipse you are welcome to join us at our Solar Eclipse Play Date in Freedom Park from 1:30-3:30 pm. We are all sold out of glasses, however we will have extra pinhole viewers on hand to view the eclipse. Bring your family or nanny kids out and enjoy this Play Date with us tomorrow.

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