Should I Give My Nanny a Holiday Bonus?

Should I give my Nanny a Holiday Bonus and/or Gift?


This is a question I get a lot in December, and when helping families figure annual salary out. My answer is it always depends on what the family is comfortable giving. I always suggest that families factor in holiday gifts and bonuses when figuring out how much it cost to have a Nanny for your children.Some families give cash bonuses, some give gifts, and some families give a bonus and a gift. It is completely up to the family, and what they want to do to show their Nanny how much they are appreciated. I did some research to see what families usually do for holiday gifts and bonuses. did a survey of what families gifted their nannies at the end of 2012. 97% of the 395 parents surveyed gave a bonus or gift to their Nanny. 66% of families paid their Nannies a one week bonus, 28% paid a two week bonus, and 6% paid a three week bonus. Some families also give gifts such as gift cards, cookies, homemade gifts from kids, and even plane tickets home for the Nanny to see their family. If you would like to read more about their survey you can visit their site here: This survey was very informative and provides incite into what families usually gift their Nanny at the end of the year. It seems to me that most families take care of their Nannies at the end of the year with a bonus, or Bonus Gift Combo. Whatever you choose to do for your Nanny, just make sure they know how much you and your family appreciate them.

I have also researched some fun gifts to give Nannies to go along with their Bonus if so desired.

Thank Them A Latte:

Thank Them for Helping your Children Grow with this Flower Pot:


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