NC Trip Idea: Wild Horses of Corolla Beach

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency founder and CEO, Emily Miller, has been visiting the Outer Banks for as long as she can remember. She grew up going to visit her family and now she vacations there with her own family! 

While on a trip to the Outer Banks, Emily and her husband Joshua, co-founder of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, visited the Corolla wild horses and had the best time! 

The wild horses on Corolla beach settled almost 500 years ago! These wild horses are Colonial Spanish Mustangs and they are beautiful. There are several theories as to how these horses arrived on the beaches of the Outer Banks, but none that are for certain. 

The Corolla wild horses are found usually in small herds on the northern most part of the beach between Corolla and the Virginia State line, known as the 4WD beaches. 

Emily and Joshua went to see the wild horses with Wild Horse Adventure Tours and they would highly recommend them! They took an open air tour in a special customized Hummer H1 where they got to explore the beautiful ecosystems of the area, see the infamous wild horses of Corolla beach, and other wildlife. The tour lasted about two hours and was full of breathtaking sights. Another really cool thing about Wild Horse Adventure Tours is how environmentally friendly they are. They have bought several peices of land where the wild horses roam to help protect them from development and minimize the human impact. And, to offset the tours carbon foot print, donations are made to the National Forest’s tree planting program. Check out Wild Horse Adventure Tours FAQ section to get more information and to plan your tour!

Taking a tour of the 4WD beaches and seeing the wild horses of Corolla beach is a trip that you and your family will never forget!

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