National Nanny Recognition Week 2020

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is excited to be celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week 2020 in Charlotte and the Carolinas! We celebrate NNRW this year from September 20th – 26th. This is always our favorite week of the year! This is a week where we take time to thank all of the wonderful Nannies and Mannies that help make a difference in our families and children’s lives daily. We have partnered with a few great local companies and have contributed our own fun prizes to provide some awesome giveaways for each day of the week. At the end of the week, we will be awarding the fourth annual, 2020 Carolina Super Nanny Award! This award will be given to a very special Nanny or Manny, that has been nominated by his/her nanny family and people in the community. We know that 2020 has looked alot different for many of you, and we want to thank you all for adapting to the new Covid-19 environment that we all are living in this year. We know that you all have been going above and beyond stepping up to the plate and assisting your family with the extras that come with helping them get through this pandemic. This year more than ever we could not be more excited to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week with you all.

To nominate your nanny for the 2020 Carolina Super Nanny Award: Nominate Your Nanny Today

Schedule of Events and Giveaways


We are kicking off the week by doing a fun giveaway of a product made a local entrepreneur in the Charlotte area.

(Watch our social media pages for an announcement on giveaways)


Monday we will be giving a product away that was made by a local entrepreneur in the Charlotte area.

(Watch our social media pages for an announcement on giveaways)


Fun giveaway of a gift card to one of our favorite places to eat in Charlotte.

(Watch our social media pages for an announcement on giveaways)


Today is self care day today and we will be giving away some fun self care products.


We will be giving away a awesome health and beauty kit to one lucky winner

(Watch our social media pages for an announcement on giveaways)


We will be awarding the third annual, 2020 Carolina Super Nanny Award.

We will also be hosting a fun Zoom Celebration of this years Carolina Super Nanny! We will also be giving away a prize that you will not want to miss entering to win!! We will be making the big announcement soon of what you have the chance to win.


To wrap up the week our final prize will be given away and it will be a service from a wonderful local entrepreneur,

(Watch our social media pages for an announcement on giveaways)

This year Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency’s mission is to support local businesses by purchasing Items and Services from them and giving them away to nannies as an appreciation. Please if you can support these local businesses. 

10 Ways to Thank Your Nanny or Manny on NNRW

Buy a potted plant for your nanny and attach a note that says thank you for helping our children learn and grow.

Purchase a gift card to a Spa, Mud Facial Bar or Nail Salon and give him/her an afternoon off for some self-care.

Put together a gift basket with all his/her favorite things and write a note about how much you appreciate the Nanny/Manny.

Offer your nanny a day off as a thank you for his/her hard work.

Prepare a special breakfast for your Nanny/Manny as a thank you.

This week is a great week to choose to give your Nanny/Manny a small bonus if you feel he/she has earned one.

Get your nanny a gift card to Amazon, Door Dash, Grub Hub, or any other delivery service.

Put together a self-care basket for your Manny/Nanny with spa items.

Gift your Nanny/Manny a Starbucks gift card and write a thank you note for all their help throughout the year.

Purchase a gift card from your Nanny/Manny’s favorite store and write a Thank You note and tell your Nanny/Manny to use the gift card to buy one of their favorite things.