International Women’s Day 2019

The theme of this years International Women’s Day is Balance For Better. The idea is to continually work to build a more gender balanced world. This is something that we at Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency truly believe in. As a female owned and operated local business it is important to us to celebrate the achievements of all women and continue to work for a more gender balanced world.

There are lots of ways to celebrate International Women’s Day and continue to work for change. The International Women’s Day website is a great resource but here are a few ways that you can help make a Balance For Better.

Social Media: Get your friends and followers engaged on social media by using the #balanceforbetter and #IWD2019

Educate: Educate yourself on some of the big issues by doing research and watching International Women’s Day videos. The information you learn can make for really great conversation starters.

Share: Share any photos or International Women’s Day activities or other resources that you might have with the International Women’s Day website to potentially being published.

Keep Fighting: Continue to talk about a gender balanced world, continue to educate yourself on gender equality, continue to share your efforts on social media and with friends and family, continue to check the International Women’s Day website and other resources for new information, and continue to fight!

Happy International Women’s Day, not just today but everyday!


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