International Nanny Training Day 2019 Speakers

Baby Signs with Tiny Hands Learning

We are happy to introduce to you our fifth and final speaker for International Nanny Training Day 2019. Kris Smooke from Tiny Hands Learning will be joining us to teach baby signs.

Kris Smooke graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in the field of interpreting. She is the owner/instructor of TINY HANDS LEARNING, a fast growing baby sign language company in the Charlotte area, dedicated to building early language skills with young learners. TINY HANDS LEARNING was developed out of Kris’ three passions – being an educator, a sign language interpreter, and most importantly being a mom.

During this workshop you will learn all the most important need based signs to begin early communication with your young learner. You will also be given all the tools necessary to incorporate these signs into your everyday routines. Kris believes that creating a fun learning environment leads to increased memory so plan to sing songs, read books and play games all while using sign language.

We cannot wait to hear from Kris and all of the wonderful speakers joining us for International Nanny Training Day 2019. See you next week!

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