House Management

The Ins and Outs of House management

Have you ever wondered what a House Manager is, or how you can become a House Manager?

At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, we place House Managers in both North and South Carolina. Our families require 3 years of experience in House Management, a professional resume, background/reference checks, and a valid driver’s license/vehicle. Candidates must also be CPR/First Aid certified before they start the position. Some of our nanny positions request help with house management tasks in addition to caring for children. Working in a Nanny/House Management job is a great way to gain experience in the industry.

A House Manager is a professional domestic employee, hired by a family to help manage their home or multiple homes, and personal assistant needs. The House Manager is responsible for taking care of daily tasks, and anticipating the needs of the home, to ensure the home is running efficiently. Families hiring a House Manager look to their House Manager to help make their lives easier, when they are not working, and help them take care of tasks they do not always have time to take care of.  

House Manager Roles and Responsibilities.

Full-Time House Managers in the Carolinas typically make anywhere from $20.00 – $30.00+ an hour, depending on the responsibilities and need. House Management placements our agency places offer continued pay while family is away, paid time off, paid holidays, and paid mileage for driving for work. Some even offer Health benefits or 401 k options.

The best qualities that make house managers most successful are:

•Being reliable, responsible, and professional

•Must be flexible

•House Managers should be proactive and able to anticipate the needs of the family and home

•Great independent problem-solving skills

•Likes to work independently 

•Is goal driven 

•Have great communication skills via phone and email

•Be tech savvy  

•Likes to help with many different tasks during the day. (Every day is different with House Management)

•Likes to organize and manage special projects 

•No tasks is too big or too small 

•Likes to do research to find new vendors and can effectively communicate with vendors to get a job done.

If you are a House Manager or looking for a House Management position, check out our openings page at to see what opportunities we have open you may be interested in.

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