Halloween Safety Tips!

With Halloween right around the corner we would like to remind everyone about the importance of safety. This is of course a fun and whimsical night for children to dress up and collect candy but it is important to remember to always be safe. These are a few helpful tips for staying safe on Halloween! 

  • Be sure to cross the streets on corners, use crosswalks whenever possible, and be sure to look left and right before crossing the street.
  • Always use sidewalks or paths when available! 
  • To help with visibility, incorporate reflective tape into children’s costume or let them carry glow sticks.
  • Be sure that all costumes fit properly to avoid tripping. 
  • For older children who can trick-or-treat unsupervised, be sure to plan a route as well as a curfew. 
  • Remind ALL children to never go into a strangers home or car. 
  • Keep all electronic devices away to avoid any distractions while walking in the street in the dark. 
  • Do a quick inspection of your children’s treats before letting them enjoy!

These are just a few of the many tips for staying safe this Halloween! We hope everyone has an enjoyable, safe, and spooky night! 

Check out these sites for a few more safety tips! 

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National Safety Council 

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