With the holidays going full force, there couldn’t be a better time to remember those in need. Giving back during the holiday season is a wonderful way to remind our children the importance of helping others. These are a few ideas for how you and your children can give back! 

Take lunches to people who work over the holidays

Police stations, fire stations, hospitals and even retail stores are full of busy workers on holidays. Make some delicious lunches to take to the workers in your area who don’t get a break over the holidays.

Clean out the toy box. 

The holidays are a great time for kids to donate some of the games, clothing or other things they own – and clean out some clutter while you’re at it. Even preschoolers can pick a few lightly-used toys to donate to kids who don’t have any. As an alternative, take kids shopping for new toys they’d love but will donate to a local shelter or nonprofit.

Donate to a food bank. 

Even little kids enjoy picking out food items at the grocery store. Take your kids on a special shopping trip to pick up their favorite nonperishable goods for a local ministry or food bank. They’re always in need of extra food around the holidays.

Sponsor a family.

There are several local organizations, like Kids First of the Carolinas, that look for sponsors for families in need. These organizations will often match you with a family and their “wish list” you and your kids will go shopping for the sponsor family to help make their holidays extra special. These organizations also often seek donations. 

Visit a nursing home. 

As a family – or with a group of your kids’ friends – visit a local nursing home. Call ahead to schedule your visit. Take cards and decorations to brighten up nursing home rooms, or sing a few carols for the residents.

These are, of course, things that you and your children can do all year long, but what better time than the holidays to start giving back? It could even become a holiday tradition to volunteer and give back with your kids each year! 

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