Fall Craft for Kids

Happy Friday!! Today’s craft comes from Pinterest, I am a Pinterest Addict and love the Ideas that people come up with. While searching Fall Crafts, this one stuck out. We know a lot of Moms and Dads enjoy an occasional glass of wine here and there. Have you ever saved those wine corks hoping to reuse them for a DIY project? The Mod Mommy came up with an Idea to dip the bottoms in paint and make paint stamps out of them. This is so cute and a great way to recycle wine corks. She created a fall craft, by painting a tree trunk and having the kids use different color paints to stamp out leaves. This is a great fall craft, and opportunity to teach your children about how the leaves change and fall this time of the year.
You can find out more about this craft at: http://www.modmommy.com/?s=Tree

Photo Credit: thepickyapple.com

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