Covid 19 vaccine for nannies

COVID 19 Vaccine for Nannies and Domestic Workers

It’s been almost a year since the Covid 19 pandemic started and brought the world to a pause. Scientists have been working hard, and so far, two vaccines have been approved for emergency use by the FDA . The CDC and FDA are working on approving more vaccines through trials that should be available this year. Currently supplies are limited and states are rolling out these vaccines in phases.  Once the supply of available vaccines is built up, nannies will have a chance to get vaccinated. Please check with your local state and health care provider for more information on the Covid 19 vaccine and when it will be available to you. 

Client’s Make the Call on Vaccine Requirements

At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency we respect every individual’s right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated and we know this is a personal medical decision. With that being said, the majority of our clients will be requiring their nanny or domestic worker to be vaccinated for Covid 19, once the vaccine is available to nannies and domestic workers. Currently, the majority of our new clients have requested their nanny to get the vaccine when available, as a requirement for employment with their family. There will be ocassionally positions here and there that do not require the Covid 19 vaccine. Requiring the Covid 19 vaccine is up to each individual client we serve, and the requirement will be written into the job description if it is required for the position. If this requirement for a Covid 19 vaccine is listed in a job description, it is a non-negotiable requirement for that particular job. In addition to the Covid 19 vaccine alot of our clients, especially with new babies require their nanny and domestic workers to be full up to date on all vaccines (See job descriptions for requirements).

Information for parents on Covid 19 Vaccine Requirements from GTM

GTM has written a blog for families that provides families with a FAQ on requiring the Covid 19 vaccine for their nanny or domestic opening. If you are a family or nanny domestic worker who wants to learn more visit:

The CDC has several pages and links on the Covid 19 vaccine. Here are some FAQs. 

Where can I get the vaccine? Your healthcare provider and state/local public health agency are the place to start. Select groups may get the vaccine where they work.

Where am I in the priority list? State and sometimes local public health authorities determine priority.

What about side effects? Many people will experience mild flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccine. This is normal and usually lasts a day or two. Serious allergic reactions are rare and easily treatable. Let your provider know if you have a history of allergic reactions to vaccinations. Ordinary allergies are not a problem.

Phased Roll Out in NC and SC

Here is information from North Carolina on their vaccine rollout. NC is currently in their group 3. From our understanding, Nannies and childcare workers are part of group 3 which will be the next group of people able to get vaccinated.  Nannies in NC can start scheduling their vaccine appointments on February 12th through Atrium Health through My Atrium Health, the Mecklenburg County Health Department. From our understanding Novant will start scheduling soon through My Chart. There will be other local hospital systems and pharmacies that will offer the vaccine to group 3 as well, but that is TBA.

Here is information on South Carolina’s vaccine plan. SC is currently in their phase 1A. From our understanding, Nannies and childcare works will be included with group 1B which should begin soon.  

These exact groups/phases could change at any time due to new government guidelines, so please check with your healthcare provider or state prior to scheduling your appointment to get vaccinated.

We encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider and educate yourself fully on the Covid 19 vaccine risks and benefits. Also direct any questions you may have to them, as they are the medical professionals when it comes to vaccines and your health. We are continuing to take the pandemic seriously here at Charlotte’s Best Nanny agency and urge you all to follow all CDC and government guidelines. Please continue wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, limiting non-essential outings, and maintaining social distance until this pandemic is over. This pandemic will be over one day and with everyone working together the world will get back to normal. We are so proud of all the sacrifices you have been making to protect yourself and others. Please keep up the good work in protecting yourselves and others from this virus. We can not wait to celebrate the end of this pandemic with you in person, once this pandemic is behind us. But for now we have to keep up are hard work until that time comes.

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