Virtual Story Time April 22nd: Black Boy Joy by Charlitta Crowder Hatch

This week for our virtual story time, we are so excited to be featuring the children’s book Black Boy Joy by local author Charlitta Crowder Hatch and illustrated by Savaan Wallace. Charlitta will be reading her own book this week for Story Time and we hope you are able to enjoy this Story Time as much as we do (see video above). If you enjoyed this Story Time, please like and share the social media post and tag a friend who you think would like to have this book, and we will send one lucky winner a copy of this book. 

About Black Boy Joy

This a beautiful story of love and a bond between mother and son. As her son grows from birth to college, experiencing highs and lows, trying new things, and all that in between, the mother’s love remains constant and reassuring to her son. This book is a wonderful keepsake that can be used for all mothers to treasure and pen a reaffirming note to their sons that they can hold onto for a lifetime.

A Little Bit About the Author 

Charlitta Crowder Hatch lives with her husband and son in Charlotte, NC and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Hampton University. She is the president elect of the Junior League of Charlotte and an industry consultant with over a decade of experience solving problems for her clients and the community, she has established the Me3 Project to solve the next set of problems. The Me3 Project is an organization committed to bringing a diverse set of people together to change the perception of young black boys in America leveraging expressive storytelling as a tool. Charlitta has always loved writing and was featured in her church’s newsletter at 8 years old. Since then she has always found a way to let her voice be heard, whether through work or volunteer efforts. Charlitta plans to use her experience with writing to help change the narrative of young black boys one story at a time. Black Boy Joy is her first project under this initiative.

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