Back To School Tips

So it’s the last weekend before school…no problem! Here are a few last minute ways to get prepared for the upcoming school year as well as some tips for staying organized.

School Supplies

It’s not too late! If you haven’t gotten all of your school supplies for school next week you still have time! Places like Target and Wal-Mart overstock on school items for the upcoming school year and will even sometimes have the class lists. Grab you class specific list and start shopping. 

Get into a Routine

Hopefully this is something you have already started doing, but if not, it’s not too late! This weekend have the kids go to bed at their regular school time hour and have them get up when they usually would for school. It’s great practice and a good way to start training their brains and bodies for early rising.

Make a Calendar

We all know how much busier things can get during the school year. After school activities, sports, clubs, homework. Staying organized with a color coded calendar is a great way to keep everything in order and on time. There are also several apps available for those who prefer to stay paperless. Check out Cozi Family Organizer or the Mom of 6 blog for a few ideas. 

Plan Ahead

Being ahead of the game is always a good feeling. That being said, make sure that you are packing lunches the evening before school and even laying out clothes. Some go as far as to plan outfits out a week at a time keeping clothes in different day of the week bins. Check out Pinterest for lots of good ideas for organizing kids clothes for the week. And don’t forget your napkin note in those lunches! 

Prepare The Kids

As prepared as you can be, you must make sure that the kids are ready and prepared with all of the information they need. This weekend go over all of the important information that your kids should know for the upcoming school year including:

  • Teachers name
  • Classroom name/number
  • Bus number/color and stop location, if kids aren’t riding the bus then be sure to have a plan of action for when and the exact location they will be picked up
  • Start and end time of school
  • For younger children make sure they know their phone number and home address

Making a laminated card with all of this information as well as anything else the children should know can be very helpful and useful for the entire school year.

We hope that these last minute tips and ways to prepare will help you and the kids to have a wonderful and successful school year!

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