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     At Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive family experience, including helping families navigate how to pay their domestic employee legally. This task can be the most daunting task when a family goes to hire a domestic employee. Luckily for your family, Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency is here to help.

     There are many different ways to pay your domestic employee. You can pay them as a w-2 employee through a pay roll service or figure the tax responsibility out yourself and pay your nanny directly. We suggest using the method that is best for your family. We also recommend that you reach out to your accountant to ensure you are making the right choice for your family.


     Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency has partnered with GTM payroll service in helping to guide our family through the payment process. GTM has been a trusted source in paying domestic employees since 1991. They are respected members of the payroll industry and are members of many associations including the INA (International Nanny Association), ANA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies),  and the American Payroll Association and more. GTM has provided families of Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency a dedicated website to learn more about their payroll service and help make the payment process easy for your family. For more information on what GTM has to offer your family please go to the link below


GTM Welcomes Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency

GTM Welcomes Families of Charlotte’s Best Nanny