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Registration Fee

     Family pays a 199.00 (non-refundable) Registration fee upfront, due when you submit your application. This is the only fee the family is responsible for paying upfront to start your search. You will pay your placement fee once you interview and offer the candidate the job and they accept. 

Our Guarantee

     We are proud to offer one of the best and longest guarantees in the nanny placement industry. All Live-In, Full-Time, and Part-Time Nannies are guaranteed for 12 months. If you are not satisfied with your nanny, we will replace your nanny, one time FREE of charge, within the first 12 months. We also offer each family support and guidance for the duration of the placement.

Placement Fees for Families

Fees to Hire a Nanny 

Live-In Nanny: $3,000.00

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny(30 hours or more): $2,500.00

Part-Time Live-Out Nanny(29 hours or less): $1,500.00 

Nanny Share (each family pays 1475.00): 2,950.00

Summer Nanny: $1000.00
(We will guarantee a Nanny for the length of the temporary placement, up to 3 months)

Temporary Nanny Placement, less than 3 months or Special Event Placements: Call for our temporary nanny rate

Screening an External Nanny Candidate: (Includes Reference Check, Background Check and drug test of an external candidate that a family has found outside of CBN. Does not include 12-month guarantee) $450.00

Babysitting Fees 

(Check out our Babysitting Page for more information.)

Night and Weekend Babysitter: 200.00 annual registration fee, and 25.00 a night, 50.00 a day for same day babysitter placements.

Fees to Hire a House Manager

Full-Time Nanny/House Manager(29 hours or more): $3,000.00

Part-Time House Manager(28 hours or less): $1,500.00

Fee to Hire a Night Nurse, Newborn Care Specialist or Post Partum Doula

Temporary Night Nurse/Post Partum Doula: $1,200.00 (8 week duration)

Fee to Hire a Personal Assistant 

Personal Assistant: $3,000.00

Fee to Hire a House Cleaner

House Cleaner: 2,000.00

If you have any further questions about placement fees please reach out to us via phone or email and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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