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International Nanny Training Day Charlotte 2018

International Nanny Training Day


Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency is excited to be hosting Charlotte's 2018 International Nanny Training Day this Saturday, April 21st at Advent Coworking! This is a free event offered to all current nannies/mannies regardless of whether or not you have worked for CBNA, as well as preschool teachers and daycare workers in the area.


International Nanny Training Day is held to recognize the needs of young children and to raise awareness of the positive correlation between nanny training and quality care. This national initiative is part of Week of the Young Child, an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

On Saturday, April 21st nannies from all over the U.S and the UK and AUS will gather in their local communities at training events, similar to ours, designed to meet their unique needs. INNTD is a wonderful opportunity to gain more knowledge in the childcare field and build your professional portfolio while being able to network with other nannies and childcare workers in your area. This event will feature some amazing speakers who specialize in different areas of the childcare and nanny industry.

Below will be provided for FREE to all attendees:


-Good Coffee!
-Catered breakfast
-Catered lunch
-Various educational trainings
-A certificate of completion
-A sweet Swag Bag (you must be present the day of INNTD to receive)

INNTD Charlotte (Center City) 2018 Speaker Schedule:

8:00am - 8:30am Welcome and Breakfast
8:30am - 9:30am Sleep Tips with Morgan Griffith
9:30am - 10:30am Lice Prevention and Care with Meredith Boll
10:30am - 11:30am Social Media Safety with Caitlin Sellers
11:30am - 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm  - 1:30pm Self Defense with Lyn Addy
1:30pm - 2:30pm Car Seat Safety with Julia Lentini
2:30pm - 3:30pm Baby Signs with Kris Smooke
3:30pm - 4:30pm Resumes/Contract Negotiation with Bernadette Maulion


We look forward to seeing everyone who has already registered to attend. If you are interested in joining us Saturday April 21, 2018 for this amazing event, please email Emily Miller today by 5:00 pm at

Written by: Elizabeth


‘My Perfect Dog’ by Lindsey Scarola

My Perfect Dog

Everyone is perfect in their own unique way.

This is such an important lesson we all, as childcare professionals and parents, want to instill our children. ‘My Perfect Dog’ by Lindsey Scarola is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that teaches this very lesson. In the story, a little boy sees all the other dogs in the neighborhood doing special tricks and he wishes that his dog could do awesome tricks for him like his homework and other tasks he would rather not do. In the end though, the young boy realizes that his dog doesn't need to do any fancy tricks to be a better dog, his best friend is perfect just the way he is!

Lindsey Scarola was inspired to write this adorable story in honor of her very best friend, a yellow labrador named Ben. He was her very own ‘perfect dog’ for 9 years until he passed suddenly from cancer. She told me that she believes that Ben would be proud of her book, and hopes he knows how loved he was. Lindsey also went 

My Perfect Dog

on to to tell me that she is a first time author but has always been into writing poetry and short stories. She has a great love for children as she was a nanny for many years and also worked in pediatrics


This colorfully illustrated 24 page book is definitely one you want to add to your child’s bookshelf. It is available now on Amazon for purchase. You can check out how much others have loved and appreciated her story as well by reading the 5-star reviews. Pick up yours today and help support a local author from the Charlotte area.


Giveaway Alert: We are giving away one signed copy of ‘My Perfect Dog’ to a lucky winner. To enter to win all you have to do is like our Facebook page, share our Facebook post and if you have one share a photo of your pet and why they are the perfect pet for you. 

*Winner will be announced on April 27th. *

You can get your own copy of ‘My Perfect Dog’ on Amazon:

Written by: Elizabeth

CLT Bike Camp

Do your kids love the outdoors, learning, and exploring new and interesting places? If so, CLT Bike Camp would be a great option for them to try out this summer. Whether they are biking experts or just getting started there are camps available for all ages and experience levels.

CLT Bike Camp was first started in the summer of 2016 by Charlotte and Bethanie. They are passionate educators and car-free individuals that were brought together over a common idea; to spend their summer riding bicycles with kids. Their mission ‘is to inspire healthy lifestyle choices and foster personal and community growth through experiential education in active transit.’

A typical camp week looks something like this:

Day 1: Everyone gets to know one another and they cover the basic foundations of safe riding along with a short ride to break in.

Days 2-4: During the week they explore Charlotte and practice the safe riding tips discussed on day one. The rides take them to a wide range of destinations, such as Discovery Place and public parks, around our beautiful city. They play games along the way and also learn how to maintain and repair their own bikes.

Day 5: They end their camp with an open ride to friends and family followed by a small farewell party.

All camps have drop-off times between 8:30am-9am and pick-up between 4:30-5pm. They are located at 932 Seigle Ave, 28205. It’s important that all riders have their own bike, are able to start and stop without assistance and are able to ride in a straight line.

Their next available camp being offered is:

First Wheels: June 18-22, 2018 Ages 5-8

This camp is geared toward novice bikers. In this program, they will learn about intersections, hazards, speed control, and basic repair. They will play plenty of games and have time to practice riding to parks and fun locations nearby. They will mainly work on skills and drills as well as enjoying some local bicycle adventures. The typical mileage for First Wheels will be 6 or fewer miles a day.

If CLT Bike Camp sounds like something your children would enjoy it is easy to sign up online at They even offer scholarship/sliding scale tuition as an option at checkout!

Written by: Elizabeth

Nanny Interview TipsNanny Interview Tips

Part of being a nanny means that you will have to interview with families and agencies to find just the right fit for your future job. Have you ever been on an interview and felt unprepared or nervous because you have no idea what to expect? Charlotte’s Best Nanny is here to help! We have compiled a list of tips for nannies to use before and during their interview. By following these interview tips you are sure to impress your potential future employers.

Be prepared: It’s important to have as much information on the position your interested in before your interview. You should have a reasonable understanding about the job and its requirements. It’s also a good idea to bring a list of questions that you would like to ask the agency or family you are interviewing with as it shows that you have a genuine interest in the position.

Be punctual: Be on time, or even a few minutes early, for your scheduled interview. Reliability and punctuality are important qualities for a nanny to possess. Arriving late is always a bad first impression, and can ruin your chances before you have even begun the interview.

Be friendly: Make a great first impression by being friendly. Shake hands, introduce yourself, be positive and most importantly smile!

Be polite: As someone who is going to be a direct role model to children, it is important to show you have excellent manners at all times throughout the interview.

Dress appropriately: Your appearance should be clean and professional. Have your hair clean and pulled back off your face. Make sure your nails are short and without bright nail polish. If you have piercings, take them out, and if you have tattoos, make sure they are not very visible. Keep in mind also that you may be meeting the children, therefore make sure what you are wearing is also comfortable and child-friendly.

Be open and communicate: Try your best to not answer questions with a simple yes or no. It’s important to have detailed and thorough answers that allow the agencies or families to really get to know you. Avoid using the words “umm” and “uh”, speak clearly and use appropriate language. Most importantly always tell the truth, as honesty and trust are vital when starting a relationship with a potential employer.

Interact with the children: While interviewing with your potential family, the children may be in attendance with the parents. It’s important to not ignore them. Make eye contact and ask simple questions such as their name and age. Showing your love for their children and a desire to build a relationship with them is what parents want to see when interviewing for a new nanny.

Ask questions: Before the interview, have a list of questions that you would like to ask the agency or family during the interview. If you need help thinking of questions below is a list of topics that would be appropriate to cover:

Job duties: Discuss what will be expected of you as a nanny.

  • Is there housework involved or will you only be looking after the children?
  • Who is responsible for disciplining the children?  What methods will be used?
  • What specific things should you do with the children? (examples: art projects, helping with homework, transporting them to and from school etc.)


Working hours: Discuss the amount of hours you will be required to work per week, on which days, and how much flexibility is needed/granted. Talk about your salary, the amount, and how often you will be paid. Also discuss any overtime or babysitting.


  • How many hours would be required weekly?
  • What would the salary be weekly? Also, how often would you be paid?
  • Will there be date night sitting on top of the weekly work hours on occasion?


Holidays: Discuss when the family go on holiday, and if you are required to travel with them or not. You should also discuss your own holidays, if there is a certain period in which the family would like you to take them or if it is flexible. Do not, however, ask for holidays or time off in advance of being hired.


  • Would you be required to travel with the family on trips?
  • What amount of time is needed for notice of your own trips/vacations planned?
  • Would you be paid guaranteed hours even when the family is on vacation and does not require childcare?



Know your answers: Below is a list of frequently asked questions in nanny interviews. Before the interview prepare in your mind how you would answer these questions if they are asked:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why did you decide to work with children?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What was your last job like?
  • What did you enjoy most about your last nanny job?
  • What did you dislike most about your last nanny job?
  • What do you think children like the best about you?
  • What sort of activities did you do with children in your care?
  • What do you consider the most challenging part of being a nanny?
  • Why do you think you are suited to this nanny job?
  • What is your view on discipline?
  • How would you handle a temper tantrum?
  • What would you do if my child was seriously hurt?
  • What would you do if my child has a fever?

Feedback: If you are working with an agency it is important to always give feedback to the agency after an interview with a family. They are there to help you, give you advice, and find a compromise between you and the family.

Written by: Elizabeth

Easter Egg Hunts

It’s officially spring and that means Easter is just around the corner! If you are looking for some fun activities for your family this upcoming holiday we have a list of some awesome easter egg hunt events right here in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

March 24:

Easter Egg Hunt at The Speedpark
The Speedpark at Concord Mills Mall, 8461 Concord Mills Blvd., Concord.
Thousands of eggs, golden eggs, prizes, free admission, and more. 10:00 am. Free.

Easter Egg Hunt in Stallings
Stallings Municipal Park, 340 Stallings Road, Stallings.
Bring your own basket to this free egg hunt and visit with the Easter Bunny. 10am-noon.

Easter Egg Scrambles
Stumptown Park, 120 S. Trade St., Matthews.
Enjoy crafts, music and an egg hunt. Bring your camera to have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Ages 10 and younger. 704-321-7275. 11am-1pm. Hunt times at 11:30am (Ages 1-4), noon (ages 5-8) and 12:30pm (ages 9-10). Free.

Easter Eggstravaganza
Downtown Waxhaw
Ages 3 and under can attend the Little Bunny Hunt at 2pm at the historic Duncan McDonald House by the Waxhaw Water Tower. Ages 4-6 can enjoy the Big Bunny Hunt at 2:30pm at the David G. Barnes Children’s Park downtown, and lastly, ages 7-10 can attend the Rabbit Hunt at 3pm at the Waxhaw United Methodist Church. You can also register for a tea time with the Easter Bunny at 3 or 4pm (registration required, cost is $5), ride a trackless train ($1), go to a petting zoo ($1 for pet food), ride a pony ($5), gem mine ($5), watch a magician, enjoy a balloon twister and take part in other children's activities. 2-5pm. Free admission for egg hunt.

Historic Rosedale's Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Historic Rosedale Plantation, 3427 N. Tryon St.
Explore the enchanting gardens as you and your child hunts for Easter eggs. Reservations required. 704-335-0325. 10am, 11am, noon, and 1pm. $10 per child; two adults per family free.

Hop to It Easter Egg Hunt
Chestnut Square Park, 320 Chestnut Pkwy., Indian Trail.
Children ages 12 and younger can participate in the annual Easter Egg hunt. There will also be crafts, activities, inflatables, fun games, music, snacks and refreshments. Bring your camera to get a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Registration not required. 10am-1pm. Free.

Pritchard Memorial Easter Egg Hunt
Pritchard at South End, 1117 South Blvd.
This community-wide event will feature games, an egg hunt and a visit with the Easter Bunny. 10am-noon. Free.

March 24-29:


The Golden Egg Hunt
Various parks in Harrisburg: Stallings Park, Harrisburg Park, Pharr Mill Park, Harris Depot Park and Veteran's Park.
Plastic colored eggs with candy and small toys inside will be hidden in various parks in Harrisburg for families to hunt for during the week of March 24-29. If you are one of the lucky people to find a golden egg with a ticket in it (there are 100), you can redeem your prize at the event on March 29. From 6-8pm on March 29 families can go to Harrisburg Park to enjoy fun Easter activities, shop from vendors, visit with the Easter Bunny, get their faces painted, eat food, enjoy inflatables and more. 704-455-0724. Free.

March 25:


Sardis Presbyterian Church, 6100 Sardis Road.
Enjoy lunch, an Easter egg hunt, and crafts. Lunch will be at noon in the Fellowship Hall; the egg hunt is at 1pm. 704-942-8204. Preschool-5th grade. Noon-3pm. $5 per child; $6 per adult.

MillBridge Easter Egg Hunt
1401 MillBridge Parkway, Waxhaw.
Visit with the Easter Bunny, and enjoy glitter tattoos, crafts, a balloon artist, a caricature artist, food trucks, and more. Easter egg hunt begins at 1pm. 1-3pm. Free.

March 28:


Toddler Easter Egg Hunt
Tuckaseegee Park, 165 Broome St., Mount Holly.
Enjoy games, crafts, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and an Easter Egg Hunt. Ages 5 and under.  704-951-3006. 10am. Free.

March 29:

36th Annual Great Easter Egg Classic
Winthrop University Recreational Complex, 701 Oakland Ave., Rock Hill.
An egg hunt featuring more than 50,000 eggs and thousands of prizes. Ages 2-11 years. 3:45-5:45pm. Free.

Town of Clover’s Easter Egg Hunt
New Centre Park, 501 Memorial Dr., Clover.
Ages 2-11 can take part in scheduled egg hunts sorted by age. Visit with the Easter bunny and enjoy inflatables, games, music, snacks and refreshments. 6-7:30pm. Free.

March 30 and 31:

Spring Fling at Hodges Family Farm
Hodges Farm, 3900 Rocky River Road E.
Experience Easter on a family farm with an egg hunt, the chance to pet barn animals, yard games, raffles, hay rides and get pictures with the Easter Bunny. Registration required. Children under the age of two can enjoy a toddler egg hunt that doesn't require registration or payment. Ages 6 and under. 704-608-8897. 9am-2pm. $5 per child for the egg hunt.

March 31:

Adventure Landing Easter Egg Hunt
Adventure Landing, 2600 East Franklin Blvd., Gastonia.
Participate in egg hunts for three different age groups. Registration begins at 9am. Egg hunts start at 10am. 704-766-8617. Ages 12 and younger. 9-11am. $3 per child donation will benefit Cancer Services of Gaston County.

Asbury UMC's Easter Egg Hunt
Asbury United Methodist Church, 11724 Asbury Chapel Road, Huntersville.
This is a free event open to children of all ages. There will be cookie decorating, crafts, a bounce house, the hunt, and more. There will also be a separate hunt area for small children. 10am-noon. Free.

Belmont Easter Egg Hunt
Linford Park, Caston St., Belmont and Stowe Park, 24 S. Main St., Belmont.
Bring your own basket to hunt for eggs. Ages 10 and under. 704-825-8191. Noon at Linford Park and 2pm at Stowe Park. Free.

Easter Egg Hunt
Bible Baptist Church, 2724 Margaret Wallace Road, Matthews.
Over 4,000 eggs to hunt, carnival games, cotton candy, and more. Register online. Ages 3-12. 704-535-1692. 10am-1pm. Free.

Easter Egg Hunt with Uptown Church
Independence Park, 300 Hawthorne Lane.
Enjoy an egg hunt, face painting, MyGym, balloon man, free giveaways, gift card prizes, Chick-fil-a and more. No registration required. Ages 9 and younger. 704-375-7355. 10am-noon. Free.

Easter Egg 400
NASCAR Hall of Fame & Charlotte Convention Center, 400 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
During this festive morning, little ones join the Easter Bunny for a morning full of entertainment and games—bubble performances, balloon twisting, face painting, a magic show, egg relays, an egg hunt and more—plus a photo opportunity. Each child will take home a carton of eggs filled with candy and prizes. Tickets required. 8:30-11:30am. $12-$30.

Epic Egg Maze
Hunter Farm, 13624 Providence Road, Weddington.
Eggs will be hidden all throughout a 1 acre maze. Each egg can be redeemed for a different prize. After the hunt, look at baby chicks and bunnies at The Hunter Farm petting zoo, and enjoy food, drinks, games, hayrides and more. There are 3 different age groups and each wave lasts 30 minutes; additionally, there is a special needs egg hunt. 11am-6pm. $15; free for adults. Ages 2-12.

Latta Plantation Easter Egg Hunt
Latta Plantation, 5225 Sample Road, Huntersville.
Egg hunt, plus crafts, children’s activities, storytimes and more. Reservations required. 704-875-2312. Different ages for different shifts. 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm. $8 for one child and one parent. $8 for additional parent.

SCPC's 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Ballantyne Elementary School, 15425 Scholastic Dr.
Join SCPC's 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt. There will be an egg hunt, face painting, Chick-Fil-A, door prizes and more. There's a worship Easter Sunday at 10am in the same spot. 10am-noon. Free. Ages 8 and younger.

2018 Queen City Easter Festival
Carole Hoefener Center, 615 E. 6th St.
The 2018 Queen City Easter Festival is full of festivities such as face painting, games, crafts, vendors, food and more. There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt and free Easter Bunny pictures accompanied by 100 free toy gift bags for children. Egg hunts start at 2, 3 and 4pm. 1-5pm. Free.

  • Written by Elizabeth

St Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day Fun!

Get your green shirts and socks on, because Saint Patty’s Day is tomorrow! Charlotte’s Best Nanny found a few cute ideas to have the best time with your lucky kiddos!

Play St. Patty’s Day games: We know your kids aren’t up for a traditional game of Irish football or rugby, but they might find these kid friendly games really fun to play. You can play a game of “hot potato” or try a “potato hunt” (similar to an Easter Egg hunt but with potatoes).

Try some adorable St. Patty’s Day crafts: From growing your own leprechaun, to making four leaf clover art, this site linked below has some great ideas for you and your littles to try:

Go to a St. Patty’s Day Parade: Celebrate St. Patty’s Day by attending Charlotte’s 2018 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. The Festival is located on South Tryon Street between 3rd St. & Stonewall St. The festival hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and features Irish music, Irish dancers, bagpipers, Irish/Celtic and other vendors, children’s amusements and plenty of food & beverages. There is no admission fee to attend.

Make up a batch of Lucky Rainbow Bark: If your kids love peppermint bark during the holidays, they are going to love this spin on it! Follow this link for a super unique and tasty dessert recipe:

Written By: Elizabeth

She Persisted Around The World

Over the weekend, Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency had the privilege to attend Chelsea Clinton's book signing at Barnes and Nobles for her new children's book entitled "She Persisted Around the World".  What a pleasure it was to meet Chelsea Clinton and have her sign a few copies of "She Persisted Around the World".

She "Persisted Around the World" is the companion book to Chelsea's first book She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World, which features 13 women in America who have persisted and accomplished there biggest dreams and goals. The second book focuses on 13 women who have persisted around the world to accomplish bug dreams and goals. To complement the stories in this book, each page features the beautiful and vibrant illustrations of Alexandra Boiger.

This book is perfect for older girls (around 10 years old plus) who are old enough to understand and learn about the back stories of some of the world's most influential women. This book is a great book for any child that enjoys reading biographies on individuals. It is also an encouraging and inspiring book for any young girl or boy to read.

She Persisted Around the World

Our CEO, Emily Miller speaking with Chelsea Clinton about "She Persisted Around the World".

The highlight of this book for me was reading over each women's individual stories, and reading about each women's unique obstacles they had to preserver over to achieve their goals. I even learned some new things and was introduced to some wonderful women I was not aware of who have made a difference in this world. This book teaches perseverance and that little girls or boys can grow up and do anything they want to do, and be anyone they want to be.

She Persisted Around the World Features the following amazing women: Marie Curie, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Viola Desmond, Sissi Lima do Amor, Leymah Gbowee, Caroline Herschel, Wangari Maathai, Aisha Rateb, J.K. Rowling, Kate Sheppard, Yuan Yuan Tan, Mary Verghese and Malala Yousafzai.

If you have a chance to pick up a copy, I would highly recommend this book for older girls. I do not recommend this book for children under 10 years old, as it deals with some topics younger children would not be able to understand.

In honor of Women's History Month, Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency is giving away one signed copy of "She Persisted Around the World". To enter to win follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below. Winner will be announced on Friday, March 30th, 2018.

Written by: Emily Miller

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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and warm temperatures are here for the most part (ignore that flurry of snow we got yesterday)! Spring is just around the corner and everyone is ready to play in the sunshine. Charlotte's Best Nanny has found 10 fun budget-friendly activities you and your kiddos can try out while playing outside this year.

1) Sun melted crayons: Have a ton of broken and unusable crayons lying around? Gather them up with a few other household items for this super cool and colorful activity. Follow this link for instructions:

2) Be a nature detective: Grab an inexpensive magnifying glass and head outside to see what you can discover. Bugs, flowers, dirt and leaves look awesome up close. Take this opportunity to teach new describing words to your littles. Example: 'Look up close at this frog we found. Look how bumpy his back is and how smooth his sides are!' Here’s a link to an adorable and inexpensive magnifying glass:

3) Paint rocks: First, find a few interesting rocks you would like to decorate. Paint them into suns, bugs or whatever you please! They make great decorations for any garden.

4) Be a gardener: Grab an inexpensive bag of seeds (any kind you like), some potting soil and a few clay pots. Plant the seeds and watch them grow together over the next few weeks. You can even have your kids decorate the pots with paint and glitter before you start planting for outdoor more fun.

5) Make a heart-shaped bird feeder: Here is a super cute craft you can make for the birds. Follow this link for instructions:

6) ‎Play real-life Angry Birds: If your kids love playing ‘Angry Birds’ on their IPad. They will love this!  Grab some washable sidewalk chalk, balloons, markers and water. You're ready to go! Check out this link to see how to play:

7) Have a picnic: Grab a huge blanket and pack your favorite snacks/lunches for a beautiful day outside. Find a big tree with lots of shade and set up the perfect picnic underneath. You could even do a bit of reading with a book like 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein.

8) ‎Go on a treasure hunt: Before heading outside, make a simple map of the backyard or park you'll be playing at. Hide a treat somewhere for your kids to find. They will have a blast figuring out where it's hidden by following your map. X marks the spot!

9) ‎Dino-Dig: Do your kids love dinosaurs? This activity is great to show them what being a paleontologist is all about:

10) Cloud watching: Grab a blanket on a day the sky has lots of fluffy clouds. See how many different shapes of objects, animals, etc. you and your little one can see in the clouds. You can bring along some crayons and paper to draw pictures of the shapes you see.

We hope these activities make your outdoor time extra special during this warm weather. As always don't forget your water and sunscreen to stay safe while having fun.

Baby Bundles

40%. That's the percentage of newborns in Mecklenburg County that are born to mothers on Medicaid. These families struggle daily just to meet life's simple demands. Charlotte's Best Nanny attended a deeply touching morning this past Tuesday for Beans and Bundles, a charity event to help raise money and support for an amazing group called 'Baby Bundles - Clothing Newborns with Love.' This non-profit was started by three incredible moms who all experienced one of the greatest losses you can have in life - a child. We learned about some great ways to give back to our local communities by helping this organization.

This incredible group partners with 17 organizations from around Charlotte to give “a baby shower for a mother in need for a year." Each bundle includes the necessities every newborn and their mother needs including diapers, pajamas, blankets, toys, books and clothing. Every bundle provides for a year of their needs.

You can help ‘Baby Bundles’ by volunteering your time, donating financially to purchase a bundle, buying and donating items for a bundle, or by donating gently used items to their drop off locations.

Baby Bundles DonationIt's such an honor to support a charitable and inspiring local group like 'Baby Bundles.' They gifted over 1000 bundles to families in need during 2017 and are shooting to top that in 2018. With all our help, we know they can!

If you would like to donate or volunteer please follow this link to their website: Sign up to volunteer or donate to Baby Bundles here

Written by: Elizabeth

Teaching Children Equality & Cultural Appreciation


Equality an

When you look around there are people of every shape, size, color, ethnicity, and culture. In the world we live in now it is so important to teach, at an early age, how to love and treat people equally no matter our differences. Charlotte's Best Nanny has some awesome activities that can help you teach your children about equality:

'Things In Common' Music Game: This fun game can get children thinking more about their similarities rather than differences. Play some music and allow them to dance and move about freely. When the music stops, they have 30 to 60 seconds to grab a partner and find one thing that they have in common.

Handprint Equality Wreath: Children can trace and cut out a handprint in their own skin color, and their friends as well, that can be used to make a handprint wreath that combines all their friends' hands in one wreath of equality.

Read a book: An awesome book to read to your kids that helps teach about compassion and equality is 'We're Different, We're the Same' by Sesame Street. Here's a link where you can purchase this book on Amazon: 'We're Different, We're the Same'

Sing a song together: Try singing a song with your little ones that promotes the idea of equality and multicultural harmony. A good one we found is “The More We Get Together."

'The More We Get Together' song and video: 

It is so important to teach children to think in terms of respect and acceptance of diversity and compassion for each and every unique individual. Helping our children to learn to have compassion and mutual respect for other humans will greatly impact our present and all our futures.

Written by Elizabeth